More Documents Found at Biden Residence: Republican House Demands Delaware Home Visitor Logs

( – More classified documents from the Obama administration have been discovered at “yet another location” of the Biden private residences in Wilmington, Delaware, Fox News reported. Six more documents were found in a 13-hour search of the residence.

The total number of documents discovered between the Penn Biden Center and the Delaware residence since November is between 25 and 30, CBS News reported.

The discovery of more documents comes as a heavy political blow to the Biden administration. Biden has been vocally critical of former President Donald Trump for his mishandling of documents.

Attorney Jonathan Turley, a Constitutional law expert, explained that the discovery of documents in Biden’s positions leaves “no doubt” that Biden and the Obama administration “grossly mishandled” classified documents, and that a “criminal case” could be made over the discovery.

The Republican House majority demands records of visitors to President Biden’s private Delaware residence, Fox News reports. Classified Obama administration documents were discovered at the private residence on November 10. The discovery was made public on The Delaware residence has been under special counsel investigations.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi initially claimed that the SS did not keep logs of the Delaware home because it is a private residence. However, the Secret Service has since stated that there are some visitor logs, the New York Post reported on January 19. The Secret Service reportedly keeps information on certain individuals who come in contact with Secret Service-protected sites.

The Problem Solver Caucasus, composed of Democrats and Republicans, has been critical of the Biden administration following the documents’ discovery. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (R. Ill.) said Biden’s “stature” has been diminished by the discovery, Fox News reported.

As more documents were discovered, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R. PA) stated that equal application of the law must be exercised in the Biden and Trump document investigation. Fitzpatrick said that Congress will act to ensure the FBI will obtain full visitor logs and all information that will facilitate equal applications of justice across the two ongoing document scandals.

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