Mob Figure Gets “Compassionate” Release From Prison Despite Crimes

Mob Figure Gets

( РOrganized crime plagued many of America’s major cities for most of the 20th century. While police have managed to suppress gang activity in recent years, some senior crime bosses still walk the streets.

Now, thanks to a Boston federal court, there will be one more in our midst going forward. On Wednesday, November 4, US District Judge Denise Casper announced the decision to release mobster Robert DeLuca from jail on compassionate grounds. DeLuca, who is 75 years old, has heart and kidney conditions, and his health would be at severe risk if he contracted COVID-19.

Robert DeLuca was a senior member of the Patriarca organized crime family in Rhode Island. He received a five-year sentence in 2018 for obstruction of justice after he misled police investigating the murder of a nightclub owner.

Part of the reasoning behind this decision was the fact DeLuca no longer poses a threat to the community. That may be true, but it ignores a lot of the motivation behind custodial sentencing. Those affected by criminal activity have the right to see the perpetrators receive justice, and decisions like this one deprive them of that right.

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