Missing Texas Father Found in the Woods

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Texas husband and father Colby Richards had been reported missing since May 26. Richards’ family confirmed that he had “vanished” after leaving home without his phone or wallet. Colby Richards’ wife, Callie Richards, reported him missing after making an “odd discovery” in the backyard of the family’s home.

Mrs. Richards told authorities that, when she could not find Mr. Richards, she went to the backyard. Upon arrival at the backyard, Mrs. Richards discovered one of the gates was left open. This, the wife and mother said, was an unusual thing for Mr. Richards to have done. Mrs. Richards explained that the gate is always left closed to prevent the family dogs and the couple’s young children from leaving the property.

A search effort found Mr. Richards’ water bottle at the head of a trail near the property. Mr. Richards was a former baseball player and baseball coach, and reportedly likes to go on trail hikes to exercise and “meditate.”

Allison Fox, a cousin of Mr. Richards, acted on behalf of her family in representing the search to the media. The family also created a Facebook page to assist their search effort.

Fox explained to reporters that it had been an “emotional” couple of days for the family as the news of her cousin’s disappearance began to spread on social media.

Prior to his disappearance, local media reported that Mr. Richards had been seen “zoning out” at work. However, coworkers reportedly attributed his behavior to tiredness from having small children at home.

Mr. Richards is a resident of Spring, Montgomery County, Texas which is north of Houston, Texas. A missing person’s flier from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department described the father so that citizens of the greater Houston area would be able to help locate him – which, thankfully, they did. Colby Richards was located by officials on the afternoon of June 2. The father was found lost in The Woodlands, and has now safely returned to his family.

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