Mike Johnson’s House Disclosure Forms Don’t Contain a Single Bank Account

(RepublicanDaily.org) – “Living paycheck to paycheck.”

That’s the claim Daily Beast Senior Political Reporter Roger Sollenberger said of the new Speaker of the House, Republican Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson, who did not report any bank account in his financial disclosures.

Johnson, who also reported no assets, is likely to simply be living largely from one pay day to the next – while he likely has a bank account, the amount in it doesn’t even hit the minimum requirement for it to be reported on his financial statements. The minimum reporting requirement is for an account to hold at least $1,000, and for the combined value of all accounts held by the representative, his/her spouse, and other dependents to be worth more than $5,000. The speaker does, however, list mortgage liabilities of $200,000 to $500,000 given the two homes they own – one in Washington, D.C., and another in Benton, Louisiana. The Johnson family also cares for five children.

Some observers note the “strange” or “uncommon” nature of Johnson’s not having a bank account, saying that it puts a large question mark on the speaker’s financial wellbeing. Others, however, have defended the Louisiana representative, saying that his living paycheck to paycheck makes him like millions of regular, working-class Americans who live the same way.

Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz – who was responsible for coup that kicked out Republican California Representative Kevin McCarthy as speaker – told Johnson haters to “cry more.” Gaetz pointed out that the speaker’s ostensibly meager finances point to him not being “rich, corrupt or rich from being corrupt.”

Republican Texas Representative Chip Roy sarcastically suggested that Johnson was a “monster” for being “like a lot of Americans right now.” Another Republican representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, called Johnson’s critics “out of touch” for being “mad” that the Louisiana representative is neither corrupt nor has “used his office to enrich himself.”

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