Michael Flynn’s Lawyers File Motion to Disqualify Judge Emmet Sullivan

Michael Flynn's Lawyers File Motion to Disqualify Judge Emmet Sullivan

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor, is currently embroiled in a criminal trial in Washington, DC. After initially pleading guilty to lying to federal agents investigating Russian election interference, he was close to escaping trouble when the government decided to drop the case in May. However, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who’s hearing the case, refused to honor the government’s request and continues to pursue Flynn.

On Wednesday, October 7, Michael Flynn’s legal team filed a motion requesting Sullivan to recuse himself from the case. They maintain Sullivan (who Bill Clinton appointed) has shown a level of bias that far exceeds the minimum standard for recusal.

Among the examples of Sullivan’s partiality were his controversial musings that Flynn should be tried for treason. He’s also on the record as saying the retired lieutenant general “sold [America] out.”

The Justice Department moved to throw out this case when evidence surfaced that FBI agents had manipulated Flynn into lying in order to bring about criminal charges like these. Considering other instances of bias against Trump’s allies, it would hardly be a surprising discovery.

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