Melania Trump Refused To Condemn Violence on January 6th, Former White House Official Says

Melania Trump Refused To Condemn Violence on January 6th, Former White House Official Says

Melania Trump’s SECRET Message Allegedly Revealed During Testimony

( – The January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol Building has been back in the news headlines again over the last couple of weeks. The House Select Committee investigating what happened has put a series of key witnesses on the stand in front of the American public. The Democrat-dominated panel has sought to incriminate former President Donald Trump and those close to him as much as possible. Then-First Lady Melania Trump’s former chief of staff took to social media on Tuesday, June 28 to share some insights about her former boss’s response to the riot.

Stephanie Grisham Shares Damning Details About Melania Trump

On Tuesday, June 28, as the House Select Committee hearings were ongoing, Stephanie Grisham posted the tweet below. It shows the former chief of staff to the first lady sending a text suggesting the recipient, saved in her phone as “MT,” reaffirm Americans’ right to protest peacefully but condemn “lawlessness & violence.” The person receiving the message simply responds, “No.”

The Washington Examiner reached out to Grisham for confirmation that “MT” was former First Lady Melania Trump, which Grisham duly provided. She also told the Washington Examiner that she resigned her position immediately after receiving the text.

Additional Allegations

Grisham, who also worked as White House Press Secretary from April 2019 to July 2020, no longer enjoys good relations with Melania Trump. The former White House staffer published a memoir entitled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now” in 2021. The book contains a host of unfavorable allegations about senior figures within the Trump administration, including the former president himself. Grisham accuses Donald Trump of presiding over a culture of dishonesty within the White House, and of passing remarks she viewed as misogynistic.

Grisham’s book also claimed that the marital relationship between Donald and Melania Trump was strained. The former aide stated Melania believed Donald was having relationships with other women behind her back, despite his claims to the contrary. Melania also reportedly went to bed early the night her husband lost the presidential election in 2020, and regularly edited him out of social media posts.

Melania Trump pushed back against Grisham publicly following the publication of her book and the controversy over its contents. Mrs. Trump accused Grisham of lying and betraying her former bosses within the Trump administration.

What do you think? Are Stephanie Grisham’s comments about the White House and the Trump family based on truth, or just sour grapes?

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