Megyn Kelly Says I TOLD YOU – “We Tried to Warn Them…”

Megyn Kelly Says She

Megyn Kelly Says She “Tried to Warn” Democrats About Huge GOP Surge

( – With the midterm elections now just a few days away, the Republicans are benefitting from a late surge of support among likely voters. Late October polls show the GOP with a slight lead over the Democrats, and a strong shift among Latino voters is one of the driving factors. Now, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly says the Democrats should have known a red surge was coming — because people tried to warn them.

On November 1, the Wall Street Journal reported that in the final days before the elections, voters are turning away from the Democrats because they don’t trust them to fix the economy. The Left had pinned its hopes on the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke Roe v Wade, but in the months since June, that issue has faded, and voters are more worried about inflation and the cost of living. According to the WSJ, the Republicans now have a 2% lead — and polling expert Tony Fabrizio says those who’re still undecided “look more likely to break Republican.”

Kelly commented on Twitter, saying that American women “tried to warn [the Democrats] about school closures, Covid overreach, the sexualization of our young children, CRT and radical trans ideology in our schools.” Those women — especially white suburban women, who’ve swung the GOP by 15% since August — are now showing the Democrats the price of ignoring that warning.

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