Megachurch Leader Still Has Support Despite Being Convicted as a Child Predator

Megachurch Leader Still Has Support Despite Being Convicted as a Child Predator

Church Leader Praised AFTER Arrest – You Won’t Believe This

( – La Luz del Mundo (LLDM) is a denomination of Christianity based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Its name means “The Light of the World” in English. Members of the church follow a strict, traditional Christian doctrine, which does not use crosses or other forms of religious imagery in its worship services. During services, women must adhere to a dress code, including head coverings and long skirts.

Following a court date in Los Angeles, California, a superior court judge sentenced the church’s leader to over 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual offenses.

García Jailed for Child Sex Abuse

Naasón Joaquín García, who bore the nickname “The Prophet,” received the sentence after he pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual abuse. The victims were underage girls who were members of the church.

Though he pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal, García maintains he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, and the church continues supporting him. According to a statement in Spanish from La Luz del Mundo’s Twitter account, García only accepted the plea deal to protect his family and the church. The statement also claims officials faked the evidence used to convict the church leader and that the group was still behind García despite his conviction. Before his guilty plea, García faced 19 charges, including trafficking and rape.

La Luz del Mundo claims to have five million followers worldwide, but this figure is difficult to verify.

Parallels Between La Luz del Mundo and Other Organizations

Though La Luz del Mundo maintains it’s a force for good for its adherents, critics have drawn comparisons between it and other controversial high-profile religious organizations.

David Koresh was the leader of the Branch Davidians, a cult that inspired absolute obedience in its followers. The story of the Branch Davidians culminated in the infamous Waco massacre. There, a standoff between FBI agents and cult members at the group’s headquarters caused the deaths of 76 people.

The FBI had been investigating Koresh over allegations of sexual misconduct before his death. Viewed as a messiah within the Branch Davidians, Koresh fathered at least 13 children with various members of the group, some of whom were reportedly underage.

Another disturbing story of this nature is that of Jim Jones. Jones anointed himself the messiah of a San Francisco-based cult called the Peoples Temple. After bringing his followers to the South American nation of Guyana, he led them in a mass suicide known as the “Jonestown Massacre.” At least 900 people lost their lives in the incident.

Do you think Naasón Joaquín García is cut from the same cloth as Jones and Koresh?

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