Media Fact Checks Biden’s State of the Union Address; Huckabee Sanders Broadcasts a Rebuttal

( – While there were no “outright falsehoods” in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, The New York Times reported that it, at times, omitted “crucial context” or “exaggerated the facts.”

Democrats and left-leaning media praised the president’s address, but Republicans reportedly “heckled” it, The New York Times reported.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R. Georgia) rose to her feet in the audience during the State of the Union and shouted “Liar!” as Biden critiqued Republican policy on the economy as he was met by boos from the audience, CNN reported.

The State of the Union address has since been the subject of political debate. House Speaker McCarthy “excused” the behavior of the Republican hecklers, calling them “passionate” The Washington Post reported.

McCarthy had previously pledged not to “repeat the theatrics” of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a State of the Union address by former President Donald Trump. Pelosi tore up the paper copy of Trump’s address following the 2020 State of the Union address.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders broadcast an official Republican rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union Fox News reported. Huckabee Sanders expressed serious doubt in the president’s statements, highlighting the “out-of-control inflation” and “violent crime” as well as the escalating border crisis and the threat from the Chinese Communist regime.

Huckabee Sanders criticized Democrats saying that they “want to rule” America with more government control but countering that this is not who Americans are. The former press secretary called on all Americans to return to the old American ideals, saying that “it was time for a change,” in the United States.

In her rebuttal, Huckabee Sanders pledged to “block” the incumbent president’s agenda. Republicans gear up to counter Democrats and President Biden on a number of key issues, including the national debt ceiling crisis, the threat from China, and the 2024 presidential election cycle, USA Today reported.

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