McCarthy Updates Budget Plan To Draw In Hold Out Votes

( – House Speaker McCarthy has changed his budget plan to reflect some of the interests of “hold out “voters in hopes for more votes, Bloomberg and The New York Times reported.

The bill was revised due to “division in the ranks,” Reuters reported. Congress was slated, at the time of this report, to vote on a bill to raise the current U.S. debt ceiling and slash government spending. McCarthy and Republicans are “charging toward a vote” after a “dead of night” rewrite of the spending plan, Politico reported. Changes were made to ensure the votes of Republicans who had “threatened to defect” over the points of the bill where conservative reforms were a more divisive issue.

McCarthy has received a heavy amount of backlash from Liberal media and Democrats over his budget plan, with critics having questioned his credibility, Slate Magazine wrote. Critics and political analysts have reasoned that, if McCarthy cannot pass the debt ceiling bill, he will not be able to pass “much of anything.”

Despite the challenges to the bill, McCarthy claimed that the House would be ready to vote as soon as April 25, NPR News reported. An official vote had not been cast, at the time of this report. However, McCarthy’s top vote counter Representative Tom Emmer (R. Minnesota) is confident that the revised bill will pass the House, NPR News reported.

As McCarthy presses forward on the debt ceiling plan, President Joe Biden threatens to veto his spending budget reform package, NPR News reported. The White House formally announced on April 25 that Biden will veto the budget plan if it were to pass in both chambers, Reuters reported.

Biden has received criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for his “extreme position” on the bill, with some Democrats calling on him to negotiate with the House Speaker as promised, USA Today reported on April 24.

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