McCarthy Debt Ceiling Plan Lacks Votes, Centrists Are Skeptical

( – McCarthy’s debt ceiling plan, for the moment, has lacked votes in the House. As the House Speaker fights to reach a negotiation with President Biden and Democrats over the U.S. debt ceiling crisis, centrist House members remain “skeptical,” NBC reported.

McCarthy’s legislation received “praise” from the GOP, from some of the “far-right holds outs” who had attempted to keep him from becoming the House Speaker, NBC reported. However, the legislation reportedly has “just four votes” before it “collapses.” The speaker risks having to “pull the bill” to avoid defeat, Bloomberg reported.

The bill proposes raising the national debt ceiling in exchange for some government spending cuts, NBC reported.

President Biden continues to stall negotiations. McCarthy told Fox News show host Sean Hannity that Biden has refused to negotiate “at all” on the debt ceiling raising, despite having told McCarthy and Democrats that he intended to hold talks. On April 20, Politico reported that Democrats had urged Biden to have a meeting with McCarthy over the debt limit.

As Biden stalled, he met stark criticism, even from some members of his party. Senator Joe Manchin (D. Virginia) “slammed” Biden on his “deficiency of leadership” while also applauding McCarthy for the plan that he has formulated, The Hill reported. The bill has so far reportedly been part of a plan to pull Biden to the negotiation table.

Manchin reportedly stated that he “applauded” McCarthy for bringing a proposal to the table that would both raise the debt ceiling and limit government spending. While he “did not agree” with all the items that the House Speaker proposed, he noted that the McCarthy bill was the only bill, at the time of this report, that was moving through Congress to prevent national default.

McCarthy reportedly claimed that his bill will reduce the national deficit by $4.5 trillion over 10 years. To do this, it would cap “discretionary spending” and would reclaim unspent pandemic relief funds. However, the McCarthy proposal would cancel Biden’s student relief plan.

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