McCarthy Accuses Fox News Host of Not Telling the Truth

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly blasted a Fox News host for failing to tell the truth. McCarthy criticized Fox News host Maria Baritromo for saying things that “are not true” about the debt bill that he and President Joe Biden negotiated to avert a national default. McCarthy called out Bartitromo on air as she questioned some of the criticisms the bill had received. While McCarthy told Bartiromo that she was saying things that were false, he did not specify which parts of the political criticism of the bill were inaccurate.

Media claimed that McCarthy had “busted” Baritromo who has been accused of both making and enabling accusations of election fraud in the 2020 election cycle. Media claimed that Baritromo was enabling Newt Gingrich to make such claims.

The debt ceiling issue has sparked intense political debate and political divisions across the political aisle. Republicans and Democrats alike were highly critical of the bipartisan debt ceiling deal.

Democrats debate whether Congress should abolish the debt ceiling altogether so that the government can borrow money indefinitely.

Republicans, in contrast, want concessions and spending control. Republicans in the House are reportedly “angry” over the outcome of the debt ceiling negotiation. The House Freedom Caucus of Republicans has reportedly “bucked” the House Speaker in the wake of the vote. Reportedly, House Freedom Caucus Republicans “tanked” a gas stove bill that McCarthy had expected to easily pass with Republican support “angry” over the results of the debt ceiling aversion.

Republican Nancy Mace expressed the disdain of Republicans, quoted by the media as saying that Republicans had gotten “totally rolled” by the debt ceiling vote. Mace also explained that, in her view, Biden negotiated a “damn good” deal for Democrats, but a deal that left Republican agendas wanting. Mace was also convinced that the Republican side had given away all of its leverage by negotiating the debt ceiling in the way that Biden and McCarthy had done.

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