Matt Gaetz Will Challenge Electoral College Votes

Matt Gaetz Will Challenge Electoral College Votes

( – On January 6, the Congress will meet for a joint session to decide who the next president will be. Although Democrats believe Joe Biden has it in the bag, there are still legal challenges available to achieve a path back to the White House for the president. Trump supporters in Washington aren’t giving up either — there are many who have stated their intention to undertake further action.

On Saturday, December 19, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced his plans to officially challenge the Electoral College votes next month. This proposal was initially proposed by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), and several other Republican representatives have indicated they’d be open to it. The challenge would be based on evidence that some states managed their voting processes improperly.

In order for this move to be successful, it’d have to pass a simple majority vote in both houses of Congress. Once they raise the issue, both chambers are required to debate separately before sending the proposal to the floor.

Given the Democrat majority in the House, this idea is unlikely to overturn the election result by itself. However, it’s an important symbolic indication that Republicans have not given up the fight, and that those loyal to Trump are not about to forget the alleged electoral misconduct.

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