Masks Distributed in Canada Could Be Toxic, Report Says

Masks Distributed in Canada Could Be Toxic, Report Says

( – Mask-wearing became commonplace around the world some months after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health experts have stressed that masks help to minimize spreading the virus when close to others. However, it has had its drawbacks. In California, for example, medical waste has created a massive pollution problem throughout the pandemic. Now an incident in Canada is demonstrating another problem with some face coverings.

On Friday, March 26, the provincial government in Quebec, Canada, published a notice that the SNN200642 face masks made by Métallifer might be toxic. Roughly 4.6 million masks were distributed to some schools and daycare centers in the area. Health Canada has warned that these masks may expose users to a risk of “early pulmonary toxicity.” At this point, there has been no confirmation that the questionable masks have only been distributed in Canada.

Métallifer, a Quebec company, manufactured the masks. That said, they partnered with a producer in Wuhan, China, to make them. Wuhan is the city from which the COVID-19 pandemic is thought to have originated.

Three Canadian government ministries have directed retailers to stop distributing the masks. This is the second time Quebec has had a problem of this nature; in December, the masks the government was distributing to daycare centers failed an independent safety check. The potentially toxic masks demonstrate the importance of knowing where medical products are produced before using them.

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