Marjorie Taylor Greene Unleashes on Nancy Mace

( – Controversial and confrontational Republican Georgia Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has a new enemy – fellow GOP member South Carolina Representative, Nancy Mace.

Greene took issue with Mace’s comments that Mace would not be voting for Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a Republican representative from Louisiana, due to what she believes are his ties to a white supremacy movement. The Georgia representative called out Mace for using “Democratic talking points,” an act she also called an “unfair and quite frankly disgusting attack.”

Scalise dropped out of the race for House Speaker last week after narrowly winning a closed-door ballot to secure the nomination. He failed to secure the required support for needed for a full vote on the House floor. Jim Jordan is the new nominee for speaker put forward by House Republicans, but it remains to be seen if he can muster the support he needs to take the gavel.

The speakership in Congress is currently vacant following the ouster of Republican California Representative Kevin McCarthy, who was voted out by eight GOP congressmen and all Democrats in the House.

While the Georgia representative has supported Jordan – who enjoys an endorsement to the House speakership from former president Donald Trump – from the beginning, she has said that she “likes” Scalise. She previously explained that part of the reason she did not support his bid for Speaker was because of his health issues. Scalise has announced that he is suffering from a form of blood cancer and is undergoing treatments for it.

“I want him to beat cancer, and he should be focused on that,” Greene said.

This is not the first time Greene, a staunch Trump supporter, has tussled with a fellow Republican in Congress. Not too long ago, she had a very public and vocal quarrel with another Trump stalwart, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, over competing proposals to impeach President Joe Biden. The two had a loud verbal and expletive-laden argument on the Congress floor which was caught on video.

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