Manchin Pushes Back Against Biden, Again

Manchin Pushes Back Against Biden, Again

( – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has repeatedly made it clear he’s not afraid to go against the grain on important policy issues. The West Virginia lawmaker has had to strike a balance between the conservative voter base in his state and his Democratic colleagues in Washington, DC. To this end, he has opposed President Joe Biden several times over the last few months, and now he’s at it again.

Biden’s Position on Gas Prices

President Biden has stated that the solution to skyrocketing oil and gas prices in the US lies overseas. He wants OPEC and Russia to produce a more significant number of barrels for export, boosting supply and keeping domestic prices low. Speaking at the COP26 United Nations Climate Summit in Scotland, Biden directly criticized those oil-exporting nations for failing to “pump more oil.”

This was just the latest statement of this nature from the White House. Press Secretary Jen Psaki also mentioned the administration was talking with international fossil fuels producers about shortfalls in supply in September of this year. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan publicly criticized OPEC+ for failing to up its production level more quickly in August.

Manchin Makes His Voice Heard

On Wednesday, November 3, Senator Manchin appeared on Fox News for an interview. He discussed the reasons for the Democrats’ losses in key elections over the course of the week, claiming they were a sign the party could be headed in the wrong direction. Then, the conversation turned toward gas prices.

Manchin rejected the president’s contention that the key to America’s energy crisis lay overseas. He noted that our country has rich reserves of energy materials, including in his own state of West Virginia. If the Biden administration would allow for the construction of pipelines to extract West Virginia’s natural gas, Manchin insisted, the state could “get the product to market.” He also said he favored increasing the amount of drilling taking place in the United States.

As Joe Manchin (along with countless Joe Biden critics) points out, the US was energy-independent under the presidency of Donald Trump. After less than a year of the Biden administration, we now have a situation where consumers cannot access affordable energy, and domestic production solutions are off the table. Should the president be making more of an effort to put the welfare of ordinary Americans ahead of climate initiatives?

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