Man Stabbed to Death in Broad Daylight

( – Around 11 am on Monday, June 26 a man took out a knife and viciously stabbed another man to death on a British tram. The attack occurred as the train neared its stop in Basford, a suburb of Nottingham. According to witnesses who saw the murder, the attacker pulled a knife out of his knapsack and started threatening other riders before attacking the victim.

A witness at the Basford station reported seeing many passengers spattered with blood. He said that a teen came off the train and told him riders managed to stop the attacker by stabbing him in the chest. Survivors were reportedly shaking and deeply traumatized in the aftermath of the knife attack.

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Ash Thornton called the attack “tragic” and confirmed the death of one adult male in his 30s as a result of the incident. The victim reportedly died at the scene from his extensive wounds. Thornton said officers arrived “quickly” and arrested the suspect, who “remains in police custody,” while adding that police also believe it is an “isolated incident.” Nonetheless, Thornton asked for any witnesses who saw the attack to come forward despite “how frightening” and traumatizing the situation undoubtedly was for them.

The central British city of Nottingham has a population of 331,000 and has been plagued by increasingly disturbing violent crime. Two weeks ago on June 13, two 19-year-old college students were fatally stabbed to death on a Nottingham street along with a 65-year-old maintenance worker.

Police arrested ex-college student Valdo Calocane on suspicion of guilt in those attacks. He has been charged with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder for trying to kill three additional people at that time.

Nottingham is about one hour’s drive south of the British city of Rotherham, which has made headlines for a high amount of sex trafficking, abuse and grooming cases of young women in the past decade. The suspect has not been named at this time.

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