MAGA PAC’s Lack of Support for Ellis’ Georgia Case Raises Questions

( – One often overlooked and underreported issue related to former president Donald Trump’s ongoing legal cases are the massive costs associated with them – and now, a number of Trump’s co-accused are wondering how they will ever pay them.

According to reports, Trump has spent a whopping $40 million since 2021 to fight the legal cases filed against him related to his alleged misuse of campaign funds to pay off an adult film actress and the mishandling of classified and sensitive government documents.

A number of prominent Republican supporters, such as American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, have called for fellow conservatives to put up a united front for the former commander-in-chief – or any Republican candidate – so that resources can be collected and used to defend “everyone indicted for being a Trump Republican.” Schlapp added that the situation has become “a bigger principle than just one man.”

The call, which was posted on Twitter (now known as X), caught the attention of Jenna Ellis, who was on Trump’s legal team during the 2020 presidential elections, is one of the 18 individuals who were indicted in Georgia along with Trump.

Ellis replied that she obtained reliable information that “Trump isn’t funding any of us who are indicted.” She also questioned if the situation would change should Trump secure the GOP presidential nomination. She agreed that things have become bigger than just one man, but also wondered, “So why isn’t MAGA, Inc. funding everyone’s defense?”

Ellis faces two cases in the Georgia indictment: racketeering and socializing a public officer to violate their oath. MAGA Inc. refers to a super PAC that is closely associated with the former president and has historically been paying for Trump’s legal bills.

Another co-defendant in the Georgia indictment, Cathy Lathom, has taken to using a crowdfunding website to raise money to pay for her legal fees. She is attempting to raise $500,000, but has only managed to get a little less than $4,000 so far.

Lathom is on the Georgia Republican Party’s executive committee and served as GOP chairwoman for Coffee County in Georgia.

Ellis has also resorted to crowdfunding to pay for her legal fees, and has raised around $92,000 so far.

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