Loomer, Critics Call DeSantis “a Tyrant” as Trump Supporters Were “Barred” from Book Signing

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Republican Laura Loomer and other Trump supporters were “barred” from a book signing ceremony for “Courage To Be Free” by incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, The Guardian reported. In response, Loomer called DeSantis a “tyrant.”

Loomer was told she had to leave the “Courage To Be Free” book signing after she showed up for the event rallying in support of former President Trump. A police officer approached Loomer and her associates and told them that DeSantis wanted them to leave the venue. Loomer reportedly argued that she and her associates had the first amendment right to rally at the event in support of the former president, and the officer stated that, while this was true, they were not permitted to do so during the event.

Loomer said that police were called and told Loomer and her associates that they would be “arrested and charged with trespassing” if they did not leave the venue, The Guardian reported.

Trump and his supporters have been vocally critical of DeSantis as he is included in hypothetical polls for the Republican 2024 presidential candidate nomination. DeSantis, at the time of this report, had yet to formally announce a presidential bid.

In frequent posts to his Truth Social platform, Trump shared articles stating that Fox News was having difficulty finding Floridian supporters of the DeSantis presidential bid, according to an article by The Last Refuge.

In contrast, DeSantis has not been as critical regarding the former president, responding in his book that Trump could “say what he wanted” about him and that he would give Trump credit for things that he did that were positive, Politico reported. DeSantis was, however, somewhat critical of how Trump’s tone had changed from praise for his governorship, to the current souring tone after his “big victory,” Politico reported. DeSantis was reelected as Florida governor in 2022 with the “largest margin” win in 40 years, WUFT PBS reported.

In his “Courage To Be Free” book, DeSantis described his previous encounters with former president Trump, detailing how members of the White House staff were “upset” with him after DeSantis persuaded Trump to pledge more relief funds to the Hurricane Michael recovery efforts, Politico reported.

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