Lizzo Resolved Dancers’ Pay Disagreement Months Before Harassment Suit

( – Documents have surfaced showing that pop star Lizzo settled managed to settle a pay dispute with 14 dancers who appeared in the Lizzo documentary by HBO called “Love Lizzo” before a class action lawsuit was filed against the singer.

Unpaid wages are among the charges being levelled against the megastar in the suit, which also alleges workplace harassment and incidents of “fat shaming.” The Los Angeles Times reported that the 14 dancers claimed that they were filmed and included in the documentary without their consent, and according to documents procured by the news agency, Lizzo and her team settled the payment dispute, paying a total of $109,551 that saw the dancers get anywhere from $7,092 to $7,545 each. In exchange, the dancers had to sign a release formally granting permission for their part in the footage to be aired, as well as sign non-disparagement and confidentiality agreements that them from discussing settlement with third parties.

As for claims of harassment and weight-shaming, Lizzo has denied all accusations, calling the charges “sensationalized stories” that were “unbelievable” and “outrageous.”

The multi-awarded singer, whose lawyer also clarified that she did not have direct knowledge of the details surrounding the filming of the documentary, also indicated that she intends to file a countersuit against Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez, whom she accused of “malicious prosecution.” The three are the plaintiffs in the suit filed against Lizzo.

Lizzo’s lawyer, Marty Singer, provided media with images of what appeared to be the plaintiffs enjoying a night out with the singer in Amsterdam. The dancers’ suit alleges that during the night in question, they were forced to attend a nude cabaret performance and pressured to touch the performers.

For the dancers’ part, their representation, Neama Rahmani released a statement saying that the plaintiffs continue to stand by their allegations in the suit. He explained that the photos show his clients smiling simply because they wanted to keep their jobs and pay their bills “just like everyone else”, but “they finally had enough,” hence the lawsuit. He also accused Lizzo’s camp of trying the case in the media and said that they welcomed the chance for their case to be heard in court.

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