Liz Cheney Calls for BLACKOUT – Not a Joke!

Liz Cheney Wants a Media Blackout of Donald Trump's Testimony

Liz Cheney Wants a Media Blackout of Donald Trump’s Testimony

( – Former President Donald Trump has been subpoenaed to give testimony to the January 6 Committee — but a so-called RINO congresswoman doesn’t want the American people to hear what he has to say. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) is demanding a media blackout on Trump’s appearance. She has an excuse, of course, but it’s more likely she’s just running scared.

Cheney talked to NBC’s “Meet The Press” on October 23, and told host Chuck Todd that Trump’s appearance in front of the committee won’t be broadcast live. According to Cheney, it’s to prevent the former president from turning the appearance into a “food fight” or a “circus.” Instead, she says, the committee plans to interview Trump with “rigor and discipline and seriousness” — and warned the process could take several days.

Why is Cheney so determined not to let the public see Trump speak? There’s an obvious answer. Cheney, who has been solidly rejected by her state GOP and Republican voters, knows Trump is still a hugely popular figure among Conservatives. If the American people get to see him appear in front of an openly biased committee, could it swing public sympathy behind him — and finish off the remaining shreds of Cheney’s credibility?

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