Lindsey Graham Warns Iran, Says “We’re Coming For You”

( – Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is the latest to comment on the continued violence in the Middle East, warning Iran that it will face the wrath of the United States if Hezbollah attacks Israel.

Hezbollah is another Muslim extremist military group, but is based in Lebanon. Israeli forces have had skirmishes with the group’s members along Israel’s northern border, but the jihadist group has not made any large or coordinated attacks with the Palestine-based Hamas.

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Graham claimed that Hezbollah served as a “proxy of Iran” and threatened to introduce a resolution that would kick Iran “out of the oil business” should Hezbollah launch its own mass offensive against Israel.

The South Carolina senator also called out U.S.’ officials’ claims that Iran was not directly involved in Hamas’ massive attack on Israel last week, describing the notion as “laughable.” U.S. intelligence sources have not yet found any direct link between Iran and the Hamas offensive that has cost Israel thousands of lives, many of them civilians. In fact, U.S. officials claim that Iranian officials were actually caught off-guard by the offensive – at the same time, Israeli intelligence says that they are 100% sure that Iran was not surprised by the attack. The U.S. has long accused Iran of supporting many jihadist military groups in the region, which include Hamas.

Iranian officials have commended Hamas for its assault on Israel, but have at the same time denied any involvement in the attack.

Graham also announced that a number of U.S. officials from both the Republican and Democratic parties, including himself, will be visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel soon to discuss possible solutions to the conflict and the normalization of relationships between Israel and its other neighbors in the region.

“The drive to peace and normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel continues,” Graham said. The senator added that he believes that the destruction of Hamas will help both Israel and Palestine, keeping the former safer while giving the latter a “pathway to peace… with the world.”

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