Liberal Preschool Adds Gender Identity “Orientation” to Curriculum

Liberal Preschool Adds Gender Identity

Liberal Pre-School Curriculum Stirs Controversy

( – In recent weeks and months, a new debate has sprung up around sexual education in schools, specifically related to the age at which we should expose children to certain ideas. Florida, with its conservative Parental Rights in Education bill, has taken center stage, but the dispute is playing out elsewhere as well. A school district in Illinois has recently made headlines over its controversial curriculum.

Evanston/Skokie District 65 recently launched LGBTQ+ Equity Month, an educational initiative that teaches children in all grades about a range of issues related to gender identity and sexuality. The district has also promoted left-wing initiatives like Black Lives Matter and Latinx Heritage Month.

According to a Fox News report, students in grades from pre-K and up will learn about concepts like the Pride flag, pronouns like “zir,” “hir,” and “ze,” and various other terms and items of vocabulary used to describe LGBTQ+ concepts. By second grade, students learn about the supposed differences between sex and gender identity, with lessons stating that doctors assign sex after the birth of a child.

What do you think? Should children learn about these ideas as early in their development as possible to promote inclusivity, or are these lessons dangerous for young kids?

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