Liberal Commentator Under Fire for Insensitive Comments About Texas

Liberal Commentator Under Fire for Insensitive Comments About Texas

( – Texans received welcome news this week. On Tuesday, March 2, Governor Greg Abbott announced the state was set to lift virtually all COVID-19 restrictions beginning next Wednesday. The mask mandate will end, and businesses will be allowed to reopen at full capacity. Not everyone was thrilled about the news, though.

The decision came in the context of President Joe Biden’s announcement that America would have enough vaccines for every citizen by the end of May. With that in mind, Abbott’s administration decided to reopen its economy at once to mitigate the devastation already caused by movement restrictions.

Keith Olbermann, the anti-Trump television and YouTube personality, suggested the federal government not give vaccines to the Lone Star state anymore.

Predictably, Olbermann was slammed in the comments for his tweet. Twitter users pointed out how horrific his statement was. He later apologized for the tweet, describing it as “needlessly harsh.” This isn’t the first time he has faced criticism for his behavior. Olbermann is well-known, in part, because of how difficult he is to work with. It looks like he hasn’t learned any lessons.

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