“Leave the Mask; Take the Cannoli” Says Restaurant

(RepublicanDaily.org) – COVID-19 vaccinations are now available to all who want them, but that doesn’t appear to be enough for some government officials. Many leading Democrats are trying to come up with new ways to convince more people to get shots. One such method involves vaccination mandates for people wanting to enter restaurants and other business establishments. One California restaurant owner, however, is having none of it.

Basilico’s Pasta e Vino’s owner, Tony Roman, requires his patrons to show proof of being unvaccinated before coming into his Huntington Beach establishment for a meal. He’s also banned mask-wearing on the premises. Roman claims measures requiring vaccines and masks are nothing more than “treasonous, anti-American stupidity.”

On August 11, California became the first state to require teachers and other school staff to undergo either vaccination or regular COVID-19 testing. San Francisco is also introducing a vaccine mandate for patrons of restaurants and other businesses.

Most Conservatives agree that vaccine mandates represent overreach by the governments and corporations promoting them. Roman’s radical form of protest, on the other hand, may be a little severe, even for many on the Right. Of course, it’s likely this has more to do with marketing than activism. As you can see in the video above, Basilico’s has enjoyed a healthy stream of guests since implementing the rule.

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