LA City Workers Planning Complete City Shutdown

( – Los Angeles government employees plan to halt the city for 24 hours in solidarity with the neighboring strikes of Hollywood actors, screenwriters, and hotel workers. “Union siblings” show respect for each other via social media and on the picket line.

Local 721 stated that their members will be striking over “bad faith bargaining” and that prior agreements have not been honored. Over 11,000 L.A. employees will not be working, including traffic officers, sanitation, and emergency workers.

Unions have seen a surge in popularity lately, with Starbucks and Amazon dominating union headlines, but overall, the share of American workers in unions has fallen in recent years. The Department of Labor (DOL) notes that the tight labor market has made fewer union jobs available.

Industries that previously were not unionized are now seeing a resurgence in union creation as workers at Microsoft voted recently to form the company’s first union. Microsoft, which notoriously has an aggressive working environment, may need to change as people seek more work-life balance.

From retail workers to academics, unions are seeing a resurgence in activity and employers are seeing the need to address the workers’ real and valid concerns. Pay, benefits, and working conditions are all reasonable points of contention between workers and corporations. Employers who have challenged unions face backlash and the potential for ongoing litigation.

There have been more work strikes, shortages, slowdowns, and stoppages in recent years but as the economy constricts, there are fewer union jobs and more potential for union creation. A possible recession poses a new challenge to union leaders, just as the pandemic caused unprecedented changes for all involved.

According to experts, Union density and power are shifting, and it’s unclear how a recession could hinder their progress. Job applications and contracts contain more specific union language which is depending on location is illegal and invalid.

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