Kim Jon Un Threatens to Punish North Koreans for Wasting Food

Kim Jon Un Threatens to Punish North Koreans for Wasting Food

( – Communist countries like North Korea tend not to have an abundance of food and other essentials. Generally, they have enough to get by; however, when disaster strikes, they can run short very quickly.

Because of three typhoons that hit North Korea in August and September of this year, national food supplies are critically depleted. On Tuesday, November 10, news broke of a directive that Kim Jong Un issued which ordered the punishment of any citizen who wasted food. An anonymous source shared details of this order with Radio Free Asia.

According to reports, China has already donated huge amounts of crops and fertilizer to the country this year. Citizens who have fled the country share stories of chronic food shortages, with millions of North Koreans struggling to feed themselves.

Kim Jong Un, who’s noted for his tendency toward instability, had a good relationship with Donald Trump. Under a potential Biden presidency, he would almost certainly be less friendly to the US.

While relations between the US and North Korea have been warm of late, we would do well to remember the oppression Kim Jong Un’s subjects face. The reality is that starvation will always remain a threat in an oppressive regime like his.

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