Kids Using Fake IDs to Sell Explicit Content, Report Says

Kids Using Fake IDs to Sell Explicit Content, Report Says

( – The COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying movement restrictions inspired many different new business ideas and innovations. However, not all of these promise to point society in a more positive direction; subscription business OnlyFans, specializing in adult content, grew by 553% in 2020.

Unfortunately, it appears OnlyFans is not doing enough to ensure its business remains safe and legal. On Thursday, May 27, the BBC released a report on the trend of underage girls using false identification to post explicit photos and videos of themselves on the site.

The BBC report shared that one 14-year-old managed to set up an OnlyFans account using her grandmother’s passport. The authors also claim they even managed to set up an account for an underage user themselves. These stories illustrate that the company is not taking its due diligence obligations seriously.

While explicit content is something of a moral grey area in today’s society, there’s nothing illegal about an adult sharing naked photos or videos of themselves for money. Once children are putting themselves at risk in this way, however, the authorities need to get involved.

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