Kidnapping Encounter Leads to Chase and Lethal Ending

( – A Georgia man is in jail following the kidnapping and murder of his ex-girlfriend Khaliyah Jones on Monday, July 17. Cameron Ja’Michael Hopkins, 20, was free on bond after previously allegedly abducting 19-year-old Jones in September of 2022.

In that crime, Hopkins allegedly assaulted, threatened death and made “terroristic threats” in anger over the breakup with Jones. He wasn’t due to appear in court on charges until December of next year, and on Monday, Hopkins stopped by Jones’ workplace at a restaurant and kidnapped her again.

Police say he entered the Wingstop restaurant in Fayetteville, Georgia and abducted Jones at gunpoint, forcing her into his vehicle outside. While responding to the kidnapping complaint at Wingstop, police saw a red Camaro matching the description of his vehicle and pursued him through Fayetteville and further on into the area of the town of Lovejoy, Georgia. Both Fayetteville and Lovejoy are small cities located about an hour south of downtown Atlanta.

Clayton County police say the chase of the red Camaro ended outside Lovejoy High School where Hopkins was firing rounds outside at the pursuing officers as they went after him. By the time they reached the high school, however, pursuing officers say they performed a precision immobilization technique (PIT) maneuver, causing Hopkins to lose control of his vehicle and be unable to continue fleeing police. Police say Hopkins refused to come out or respond to their demands, and at this point, aerial “irritants” were then sprayed into his Camaro to get him to give up and stop firing rounds, a tactic that worked. However, police say he fired a number of rounds at Jones during the standoff.

Police successfully arrested Hopkins at the high school without injury, but upon searching the vehicle they discovered Jones dead of “several” gunshots. The 2022 kidnapping had allegedly been done by Hopkins with the assistance of 33-year-old Demarco Jennings, but Monday’s incident was carried out alone by Hopkins. Hopkins is currently in custody on kidnapping and murder charges.

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