Kamala Roasted for Epicly Terrible Definition of Culture

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris is under criticism for her latest gaffe after going on a bizarre tangent during remarks at a New Orleans music festival last week. Speaking at the “Essence Festival of Culture” in New Orleans, 58-year-old Harris went on a nonsensical rant about how culture is all about “a reflection of joy” and “the moment” and occurs in “the morning.” According to Harris, we all need to find more ways “to express” how we feel about “the moment” and “a connection” of what we are all “experiencing.” The confused interviewer, Monica Simpson, laughed sympathetically and nodded, clearly unaware of what Harris may have been trying to say as the VP broke into her trademark hyena-like cackle.

Despite being a far-left supporter and Harris fan, even Simpson clearly had trouble understanding what the VP was trying to say. The Essence Festival is centered around “black culture,” though this particular interview was about “reproductive health” and abortion, a procedure which Harris strongly supports. Bizarrely, Harris’ response about culture continued as she went on to say that any valid leader has to understand how their policies impact real human beings instead of just how they come across on an artistic level. She stressed the importance of thinking how things affect children and look through their eyes, an interesting image given the overall topic of supporting abortion for black people.

President Joe Biden’s ongoing struggles with gaffes including misspeaking frequently, forgetting where he is and trailing off in the middle of statements, has become overshadowed by a number of gaffes from Harris, who has given several highly nonsensical remarks, including a circular digression about “the passage of time” and high-speed internet access while on an outreach trip to rural Louisiana in March of last year. While Biden’s apparent cognitive decline has raised questions about his fitness for running for reelection and occupying the Oval Office, Harris’ increasingly bizarre and substance-free behavior has many analysts concerned about her capacity to effectively serve as POTUS in the event of Biden winning reelection in 2024 but becoming incapacitated at some point in his term.

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