Kamala Harris Pushes to “Reimagine” Economy

Kamala Harris Pushes to

(RepublicanDaily.org) – President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill has been making headlines of late, with Democrats and Republicans at odds over how the proposal should be funded and where the money should go. The administration’s ambitions in relation to infrastructure go further than roads and railways, however.

On Tuesday, June 1, Forbes published an essay by Vice President Kamala Harris detailing her wish to “reimagine” the economy. One of her central ideas was “care infrastructure,” which would improve access to child and family care for Americans. Along with improvements to things like transit and internet connectivity, this would allow “every American entrepreneur” to pursue their business dreams, Harris claims.

This all sounds great. However, when you look past the article’s empathetic tone, you start to realize that what the VP is planning here will cost the American taxpayer billions.

As Harris notes in her essay, the Biden administration has already given $60 billion in relief to small businesses; just a drop in the bucket that is Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending plan. How many more expensive projects are we all going to have to pay for over the next three and a half years?

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