Kamala Harris Makes RACIAL Request – A Scary Demand!

Kamala Harris Wants to Hand Out Supplies Based on

Kamala Harris Wants to Hand Out Supplies Based on “Equity” and Race

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Hurricanes don’t discriminate. When Ian hit Florida’s West Coast, it left a path of destruction that didn’t care how much people made, how much they paid for their homes, or the color of their skin. It made landfall and did what hurricanes do. Shortly after the devastation ravaged people from every walk of life, Vice President Kamala Harris decided to make it about race.

On September 30, as a good portion of the Florida peninsula assessed the damage from a major storm ravaging the state, Harris answered questions at a Democrat National Committee event about issues such as climate change. Before long, the conversation moved to rescue and recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian and major weather events in general.

In her remarks, Harris was clear in pointing out who she thinks deserves the aid and relief most: communities of color. The VP says natural disasters affect marginalized communities more because it’s far more difficult to recover from a standpoint of poverty than one of privilege. Therefore, according to the country’s second-in-command, when it comes to relief efforts, the government should start from a point of equity rather than traditional “equality,” meaning that for some, the standard aid will be more than enough while for others, it won’t be nearly enough.

Harris immediately found herself dodging questions about the statement, attempting to create a dual-message scenario in which people believe she meant one thing while saying another. For many, the statement was clear: communities of color should get more help. Republicans immediately pushed back. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) campaign spokesperson Christina Pushaw called Harris’ statement a complete fabrication, adding that all Floridians, regardless of race, religion, or political background, have full access to the help they need.

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