Kamala Harris Is Shockingly Unpopular, Report Says

Kamala Harris Is Shockingly Unpopular, Report Says

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Remember when Vice President Kamala Harris got the job of addressing the crisis on our southern border in March? The crisis is still raging and it doesn’t seem as though she is making much of a dent in the problem. She hasn’t even traveled to the border.

With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising the American people don’t have a lot of faith in Harris as a leader. According to a YouGov poll published on Wednesday, May 12, 48% of Americans have an “unfavorable opinion” of the vice president, compared to 41% who view her positively.

As Tiana Lowe pointed out in the Washington Examiner over the weekend, these figures are especially troubling in comparison to similar statistics about Harris’ predecessors. Mike Pence, for example, who was often attacked by the media, was viewed more favorably than Harris at a similar point in his tenure as VP. So were Dick Cheney and Al Gore.

With midterm elections looming and another presidential race on the horizon, these kinds of reports must be causing serious worries for the Democratic party.

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