Kamala Harris Children’s Real Problem – Does This Instead!

Kamala Harris Pushes Energy Agenda on Young Students While Their Learning Declines

Kamala Harris Pushes Energy Agenda on Young Students While Their Learning Declines

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The US public education system is in crisis, and test scores in key subjects continue to fall. COVID lockdowns have harmed the mental health of students. Woke ideology is alienating parents and disrupting teaching. Classes are too large, teachers are too stressed, and the only way our schools lead the world is the number of shootings that occur all too frequently. American public schools need serious investment in staff, resources and security.

Instead, they’re getting electric buses.

What’s Wrong in Our Schools?

When the “Nation’s Report Card” was released on October 24, the results were horrifying. Across the country, vital math and reading scores are down. No state had better results than their 2019 Report Card — almost all of them did worse. The decline in math scores is the worst ever recorded, including results at the vital eighth-grade level, which is the foundation for the advanced math needed for a career in engineering or science. Scores are down across the board, with lower-performing students suffering the fastest declines.

In many parts of the country, far-left woke ideology is causing havoc. Critical Race Theory causes resentment — among minorities who’re angry at what they’re taught has been done to them, and among white students who’re fed up with being blamed for things they didn’t do. Teachers are reportedly encouraging students to “transition” and hiding it from their parents, or allowing predatory boys to use girls’ restrooms.

Our schools aren’t safe. So far in 2022, there have been 328 known school shootings worldwide; 288 of them happened in the US. Our schools need proper security. They need mental health services to identify and deal with unstable students before they show up at school with a manifesto and a rifle. Officials need a plan to keep students safe from crazy people with guns.

What Is the Biden Administration Doing?

With our public schools in crisis, it’s obvious the administration needs to take action urgently. America needs a plan to make sure students learn the skills they need to find good jobs, and woke dogma needs to be purged from schools. Instead, Vice President Harris has launched a new plan to spend billions of dollars on electric school buses.

On October 26, the White House released an update on the “Biden-Harris action plan” to improve school infrastructure. Incredibly, it ignores test scores, wokeness and security, and focuses on the environmental impact of how kids get to school.

According to the update, the federal government plans to spend almost $1 billion this year on new school buses, 95% of which will be electric — and that’s only the first installment. Over the next five years, they plan to spend $5 billion on electric buses, which will go to schools in all 50 states.

This administration’s extreme green agenda has already damaged our energy security and pushed up the price of gas. Now, it’s diverting money from where our schools need it most, and spending it on electric buses instead. How wrong can President Biden’s priorities get?

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