Kamala Harris Flubs Response to Mass Shooting

Kamala Harris Flubs Response to Mass Shooting

Kamala Harris Has FLUB After Mass Shooting – Not Again!

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The community of Highland Park, Illinois became the latest to fall victim to a large-scale mass shooting event over the weekend. During a July 4 parade in the community, a single shooter used a high-powered rifle to open fire on the crowd, killing at least seven people. Vice President Kamala Harris stopped by in Highland Park during an official trip to Illinois related to other business this week, but many people were left scratching their heads after her address.

Harris spoke about the dangers posed by the ready availability of guns in society, with one particularly awkward turn of phrase grabbing the attention of many commentators. A lot of people view this as another example of the VP’s tendency to put her foot in her mouth when speaking about important, sensitive issues.

The main suspect in the shooting, 21-year-old Robert E. Crimo III, was charged on Tuesday with seven counts of first-degree murder. According to reports, Crimo had previously come to the attention of police twice in 2019, the first time because he was judged to be a suicide risk, and the second because he threatened to kill members of his family. Police confiscated swords and knives from him on the second occasion.

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