Justice Department Denounces the “Absolute Immunity” of Trump in Jan. 6 Context

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The United States Justice Department has “pushed back” on former president Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity over the events of January 6, 2021, CNN reported. Trump argued that a Supreme Court ruling in 1982 established that presidents are “absolutely immune” from the civil damages that result from official acts as president applied to him over the events.

However, the Justice Department reportedly pushed back against these claims, warning that in “all contexts” questions regarding the immunity of presidents must be handled with “the greatest sensitivity.” The Justice Department also warned against using the case of the January 6 riots that Trump is accused of inciting to draw a hardline around presidential immunity cases, CNN wrote. The Justice Department stated that Trump can be sued by the police president at the Congress on the day of the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots, The Washington Post wrote.

Two police officers who were hurt during the assault on the Capitol by Trump’s political supporters have filed a lawsuit against Trump along with other involved parties. In an official legal opinion published by the federal court in Washington, Trump can be sued for actions that happened outside of his clearly outlined official duties as president, Barron’s wrote.

While Trump would be considered “absolutely immune” from civil damages for his official acts as president, his involvement through social media in the Capitol uprising events is considered as being outside of the actions of civil office. The lawsuit against the former president and other key actors “should proceed” according to the Justice Department, The New York Times reported.

As the official legal position was published, some civil entities took to social media to voice their views on the waiver of Trump’s immunity over police injuries. The NAACP praised the opinion, stating that “no one person is above the law.”

On March 2, as headlines that the lawsuit could proceed topped the news, Trump took to Truth social media, expressing that the establishment was not “coming for” him, but rather that it was coming for his supporters.

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