Jury Rules in Favor of E. Jean Carroll in Legal Case

(RepublicanDaily.org) – On May 9, media reports stated that the jury on the E. Jean Carroll case in Manhattan had ruled in favor of Carroll’s testimony, NBC reported. The jury decided that former President Donald Trump must pay Elle magazine columnist Carroll “$5 million” as reparations for defamation and “forcibly touching” her, NBC reported. The jury reportedly decided after “less than three hours” of deliberation in the U.S. District Court of Lower Manhattan.

Carroll reportedly accused Trump of assaulting her in the dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman department store in the 1990s. Trump has denied these allegations and called Carroll a “liar” for statements alleging that he forced her to have intercourse with him in the stall of a dressing room at the high-end Manhattan retailer.

Carrol’s legal team presented the jury with what they stated was a “modus operandi” or pattern of behavior for Trump, CBS News reported. Witnesses were called on who explained that Carroll had confided in them about the events in the 1990s when the events would have taken place. In addition to these witness testimonies, the jury also heard from other Trump accusers who said that Trump had turned casual encounters into “sexual misconduct,” CBS News reported. The Trump legal team did not call any witnesses and did not call Trump to testify, stating that they felt that the court was biased against Trump, out of “hatred” for him, CBS News reported.

Before the decision was reached, Trump posted to Truth Social that he was awaiting the decision on, what he called, a “False Accusation” in which, he claimed, although he was a “leading candidate” for the 2024 presidential election cycle, he was not allowed to “speak or defend himself,” during the motions. Trump claimed that the other side of the case had a book that also falsely accused him of rape.

Trump also stated in his pre-verdict Truth Social post that he would not speak until “after the trial” but that did intend to appeal what he viewed as an “Unconstitutional” silencing of his rights. Following the trial, Trump responded from Truth Social saying that he had “no idea” who Carroll was and that the ruling was a “disgrace.” Additionally, Trump claimed that the ruling was the continuation of the “greatest witch hunt” of “all time.”

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