Judge Rules Against Universal Ballot Applications in TX County

Judge Rules Against Universal Ballot Applications in TX County

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Sending ballots by mail has been one of the primary talking points of this year’s election season. On Wednesday, October 7, Texas’ Supreme Court delivered a verdict that’s brought the issue back under the spotlight again.

The court ruled Harris County’s plans to send mail-in ballot applications to all its voters could not go ahead. County Clerk Chris Hollins’ office had planned to send application forms to each of the 2.4 million voters in the area to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread. The authorities had already distributed these forms to those over age 65 and those who automatically qualify for absentee voting.

Harris County contains the city of Houston and is the most populous county in Texas. Had the Supreme Court ruled in favor of distributing the applications, the county would have sent out 1.7 million more.


This should show advocates of the mail-in ballot system that those who oppose it are not doing so for purely political reasons. Now that a state Supreme Court ruling has outlined the potential issues, there’s a stronger legal basis for opposing voting by mail.

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