JP Morgan CEO Says a Wild Day Is Coming for America

JP Morgan CEO Says a Wild Day Is Coming for America

JP Morgan CEO Issues DIRE WARNING To All Americans

( – Inflation rates, soaring home prices, and the increasing cost of consumables are putting most families in America on a financial edge, wondering how they’ll make ends meet. Unfortunately, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon revealed some bad news for those who are already struggling. When referencing the US economy, the expert warned other analysts and investors that a “hurricane” is coming to the financial world, and people need to brace for impact.

Details About the Warning

On June 1, Dimon attended a financial conference in the Big Apple, where he warned those at the gathering not to get too comfortable because things in the market are alright for now. He said there’s a storm brewing just off the coast, so while things might look okay financially at the moment, he doesn’t know if that will last for long. While many people may look at the stock market drops over the course of the pandemic as an opportunity to pick up investments on the cheap, Dimon isn’t so sure the Fed will be able to quell inflation to save the economy.

In response to what he sees as trouble on its way, the CEO reported JP Morgan is keeping its investments “very conservative.” The combination of supply chain issues, the coronavirus, and rising inflation may mean a recession is on the way unless the Fed can stave it off by incrementally increasing the federal interest rate. Even so, Dimon isn’t taking any chances. He advised investors to follow his lead.

What That Means for Americans

The JP Morgan executive’s thoughts could mean he thinks the boom in the economy is headed for a downturn which could mean companies may have to downsize and lay off workers as they ready themselves for an economic storm. Average Americans should probably tighten their budgets and cut costs as much as they can to get prepared for a possible wild economic ride. That means paying down or eliminating debt, cutting unnecessary expenses out of family budgets, and possibly moving investment money to more secure places or at least highly diversifying portfolios.

Forbes advises Americans to talk with their employers to ensure their jobs are safe. If not, it may be time to secure a better job or add an income stream to bring in extra income.

As with any economy, there are ebbs and flows in the market, and whether or not the predicted storm is big or small, it won’t last forever. In the meantime, families should make sure their money is secure, their income is solid, and their debt is as low as possible.

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