John Durham To Finally Answer Questions From Congress

( – Special Counsel John Durham has been called into Congress for questioning regarding his findings detailed in The Durham Report. Durham’s hearing was aired by the Associated Press on June 21. For over four hours, the special counsel explained his findings to a bipartisan gathering of House Representatives. Democratic Representatives noted that Durham had been hand-picked by the former Attorney General William Barr, who was appointed by former president Donald Trump.

Durham told Congress that the Steele Dossier, which was the document that served as the primary resource for the investigation into the now-disproven allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, had an unreliable witness as its primary source.

Durham was scheduled to appear on June 21 before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees to give his account of his investigation. Ahead of his scheduled appearance, Durham was set to answer questions and give an accounting of how he reached the conclusion that the FBI had “no basis” to launch an investigation into the former president, then a political candidate, and Trump’s alleged links to Russia before the 2016 presidential election.

Durham had been expected to answer “eight questions” for Congress. Among the expected questions, Representative Mike Turner (R. Ohio) told the media that he intends to ask the special counsel how future election interference by the FBI could be prevented. The FBI has been accused by the special counsel of conducting a “seriously flawed” investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged affiliations with nationals of the Russian Federation.

The Durham Report sparked political outrage from Republicans as well as skepticism from Democrats.

Following the release of The Durham Report, House Republican Representatives attempted to censure California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for his role in using the narrative of Trump’s Russian collusion as grounds for impeachment.

Although an earlier attempt to censure Schiff had failed, a renewed attempt had reportedly cleared a ”key hurdle” it needed to pass to make its way to a final vote.

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