Joe Manchin Clashes With Biden Administration Over New Climate Legislation

( – Senator Joe Manchin, (D. Wv.) has clashed with the Biden administration over new legislation on the climate, The New York Times reported. Reportedly, the Senator is debating the possibility of repealing legislation that he helped to write.

Machin, who is the chair of the Senate Energy Committee, has “vowed” to oppose the Energy board members that Biden has appointed, Politico reported. The Senator anticipates “radical” regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, which the EPA was expected to propose on Thursday, May 18. The proposal that Manchin believes is radical was expected to unveil a “sweeping” greenhouse emissions plan that would require “harsh cuts” at coal plants in an effort to reduce the carbon emissions put off in coal burning.

In Manchin’s view, Biden’s regulations are aimed at restricting coal and energy producers “out of existence,” Politico reported.

The terms of the EPA “carbon capture plan” have created “strange” politics and partnerships on Capitol Hill, Axios Pro reported. The terms of the plan have reportedly raised concerns and “eyebrows” about the technological aspects of implementing the plan across “both sides” of the political spectrum, Axios reported. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R.Wv.) has stated that the technology was “unsubstantiated” and that it was unclear what entities would be able to support the costs of the new regulations, Axios reported.

The Biden administration and EPA legislation movement follow in the footsteps of a motion by the Obama administration in 2013 to take action on the pollution of power plants, Vox reported on May 13. The motion taken by the Obama administration was reportedly blocked in court at that time. New regulations follow suit with a push by the Biden administration to reach “100 percent clean energy” by the year 2035, Vox reported.

The roll-out of the Biden administration’s new ruling on power plant emission was reportedly a more “understated” affair than the announcement made by former President Barack Obama in June 2013, Vox reported.

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