Joe Biden’s Ties to FactCheck.Org Should Scare Everyone

Joe Biden's Ties to FactCheck.Org Should Scare Everyone

( – When politicians make questionable claims in the public arena, fact-checking publications are often on hand to pick apart the truths and falsehoods involved. These can provide a very important service to confused and misled voters. However, what happens when one of our leaders has potential influence on what these publications say? is a publication that frequently “debunks” rhetoric that raises questions about the efficacy or safety of COVID-19 vaccines. According to a new report from the National File, the site has questionable ties to President Joe Biden.

The report alleges these ties run through the University of Pennsylvania, which Biden worked for prior to entering the White House. The college hosts the Penn Biden Center, a think tank the president is associated with. UPenn also hosts

The National File claims it has evidence suggesting the Penn Biden Center and the University of Pennsylvania both profit from the sale of the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. frequently challenges claims made about potential issues with the effectiveness and safety of these shots. According to an anonymous source the National File quotes in its report, the fees the University of Pennsylvania takes in from the vaccines are probably in the billions of dollars.

Is this the beginning of yet another major scandal related to the Biden administration?

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