Joe Biden’s Team Abandons Him After He Goes Soft

Joe Biden's Team Abandons Him After He Goes Soft

( – Former President Donald Trump was unequivocal when it came to the nuclear deal with Iran. He thought it was a bad idea, and abandoned it as quickly as he could. President Joe Biden has been attempting to resurrect it for months, but a growing number of his supporting officials are starting to turn against him on the issue. Now, some of them are jumping ship.

Reports have emerged that Richard Nephew has left the Biden administration negotiating team that was aiming to rebuild the agreement. Nephew serves as the deputy special envoy to Iran, and was previously involved in setting economic sanctions against the Middle-Eastern nation related to its nuclear development activities.

Nephew reportedly left because he thinks the administration needs to take a tougher stance with Iran at the negotiating table. He’s not alone; two other leading officials stepped away for the same reason.

American officials aren’t the only ones getting frustrated. Israel, Iran’s primary regional rival, has repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with the freedom Iran currently has to develop its nuclear capabilities. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned the world last fall that Iran was quickly progressing toward the point of having a viable nuclear weapon, adding that his country would not hesitate to take action to prevent that outcome.

Might this development make Joe Biden realize it’s time to start playing hardball?

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