Joe Biden Was In The Room During Hunter Biden’s Business Deals

( – President Joe Biden has said for many years now that he has never discussed business with his son Hunter, which has also been repeated by his former press secretary Jen Psaki from the podium during multiple daily White House briefings. Recent revelations from two whistleblowers call President Biden’s claim into question, as a text message from Hunter to Henry Zhao, a Chinese businessman with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was detailed in their allegations.

Hunter claimed in the text that his father, Joe Biden, was in the room with him as he was sending the message to Zhao. Hunter demanded to know why “the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” reiterating at the end of the message that he and his father were together. The whistleblower’s testimony also claims that Leah Wolfe, an assistant attorney for the DOJ, stopped FBI agents from delving into Joe Biden’s involvement when they were preparing to interview Hunter’s business partner Rob Walker.

Wolfe refused to let the agents mention anything regarding the emails found on Hunter’s laptop that gave the direction “Ten held by H for the big guy,” regarding payment received by Hunter and his business partners for their part in the CEFC energy deal, appearing to set aside ten percent of the money for Joe Biden. The House Ways and Means Committee revealed the testimony of the two whistleblowers on June 22, with Chair Jason Smith, R-Mo., blasting the Democrats on the committee for attempting to block the release of the testimony to the public, while also detailing President Biden’s alleged direct involvement in Hunter’s business entanglements.

The White House responded to the whistleblowers’ claims on June 23, again denying that President Biden has ever been involved in Hunter’s business dealings. Attorney General Merrick Garland also answered questions from reporters after a press conference announcing the indictment of several Chinese companies that manufacture fentanyl precursors, claiming that the whistleblowers’ testimonies were false.

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