Joe Biden Walks Away Instead of Answering Questions

Joe Biden Walks Away Instead of Answering Questions

( – President Joe Biden refused to answer questions after announcing another $800-million aid package to Ukraine. The package, which includes humanitarian goods and a slew of mostly defensive military equipment, is Biden’s latest offering to Ukraine, on top of the $1.2 billion he’s already authorized and the more than $13 billion included in the pending omnibus bill.

One thing notably absent from the package is one of the things the Ukrainians have asked for specifically: fighter jets. Poland offered to send its MiG fighters, the same type Ukrainian pilots are familiar with, to a neutral location and turn them over to the United States, who could then transfer them to Ukraine without the Poles directly aiding the embattled country.

The plan was a solution to the problem of Ukrainian fighter pilots needing months or even years of training to fly American jets. After giving public nods for the plan’s approval, the Biden administration declined to accept the offer. Russia currently holds much of the airspace over Ukraine.

After Biden signed the order to give Ukraine more support, a reporter asked the president why he wouldn’t help the Ukrainians get their hands on the Polish MiGs. Biden shrugged the question off, simply saying, “I’m not gonna answer that,” and walked off.

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