Joe Biden Under Fire for Saying “America Is Back”

Joe Biden Under Fire for

( – President Joe Biden’s election campaign relied heavily on Trump-bashing. Instead of focusing on what he could offer as president, he made the race all about the perceived shortcomings of his opponent.

He shows no signs of abandoning this strategy now that he’s in office. During his first major foreign policy speech at the State Department on Thursday, February 4, he said “America is back,” referring to his intention to change direction from Trump-era policies.

The quoted phrase has raised more than a few eyebrows. Later that day, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox News and offered a scathing rebuke of the idea. He asked whether, by America being “back,” Biden meant back to a time when ISIS held massive power in the Middle East, or back to allowing China to “walk all over us,” and destroying jobs in states like South Carolina and Kansas.

Pompeo reminded listeners of the overall success of Trump’s foreign policy approach, and questioned whether a return to Obama-era policies was what America needed.

The anti-Trump narrative which is currently shaping White House policy is not only childish, it’s also highly risky. Like him or not, Donald Trump achieved a lot as president; it would be foolish to discard all his victories for the sake of political point-scoring.

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