Joe Biden to Hold First Real Press Conference Soon

Joe Biden to Hold First Real Press Conference Soon

( – One of former President Donald Trump’s key talking points during last year’s election season was Joe Biden’s failure to appear on the campaign trail as frequently as a candidate should. As president, it seems Biden may be committing the same sin. Two months into his presidency, he has yet to give a formal press conference. That’s set to change this coming week, however.

Upcoming Press Conference

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed that President Biden will hold his first official press conference on Thursday, March 25. While he has taken single questions from reporters on occasion, this will be the first time he will speak to news outlets in the formal question-and-answer format.

This marks the longest time it’s taken a new president to hold a press conference in decades. Incoming presidents normally hold one within a month of taking office.

Why Is Biden so Reluctant to Speak to the Press?

The White House has not specified why the president has waited so long to speak to reporters in an official capacity. However, some reports have suggested his staff could be attempting to keep him from making any embarrassing gaffes, to which he has been prone in the past.

During a now-infamous virtual interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God in May 2020, Biden stated that any voter who couldn’t decide whether they were for him or Trump “[wasn’t] black.” Earlier that year on the campaign trail, he also called a woman who asked him a question a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

For a president whose mental acuity has already been widely questioned, more mistakes of this nature could deal a crippling blow to his credibility. With an escalating crisis on the southern border and a number of thorny foreign policy issues currently playing out, Biden could find himself under real pressure when he gets in front of reporters.

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