Joe Biden Targeted in Newly-Released RNC Racism Video

Joe Biden Targeted in Newly-Released RNC Racism Video

OOPS! – Biden’s PAST Comes Out – Video Shows Everything

( – The Democratic Party loves to criticize Conservatives by alleging their policies and positions discriminate against people of color and other minorities. However, the Left’s own party record on racism is far from clean. President Joe Biden has made countless racially insensitive remarks over the years, as a new video from the Republican National Committee (RNC) shows.

The seven-minute video, entitled “Is Joe Biden a Racist?” contains clips from throughout the current president’s lengthy career in Washington, DC, opening with a video of him telling voters they “ain’t Black” if they were considering voting for then-President Donald Trump.

It continues by showing his description of former President Barack Obama as the “first… mainstream African American who is articulate and bright.” Then, it details Biden’s connections to a number of high-profile figures who supported segregationism and other racist policies, including George Wallace, Robert C. Byrd, and James Eastland.

The video also detailed Biden’s sponsorship of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, legislation that critics have since pointed to as a major factor related to climbing rates of black incarceration in the US. Current Vice President Kamala Harris appears in the video to criticize the bill.

The video then goes on to look at the current president’s spurious claims he was involved in civil rights protests as a teenager, which have since been widely discredited.

Do you think Joe Biden has an issue with racial prejudice?

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