Joe Biden Reacts As Reporter Tells Him America Doesn’t Think He Can Lead

Joe Biden Reacts As Reporter Tells Him America Doesn't Think He Can Lead

( – Opinion polls have been kind to Joe Biden since before he became the president. During the run-up to the election, voter surveys frequently showed him comfortably ahead of then-President Donald Trump. Some went so far as to suggest he could flip conservative strongholds like Texas. However, now that voters have had more than six months to see Biden in action, it appears they’re a lot less enthusiastic about him.

A new CBS News/YouGov poll measuring how Americans feel about Biden’s performance reveals 50% of voters disapprove of him overall. Only 47% would describe his leadership as “effective,” while 49% agreed he was “distracted,” and 44% said “incompetent” was a fair description.

On Sunday, August 22, a reporter confronted the president with some of the poll’s statistics during a news conference. After claiming he hadn’t seen the poll in question, Biden chuckled. He began citing statistics about the cost of the war in Afghanistan, claiming the withdrawal was a “basic decision.”

It would appear, though, that the withdrawal itself was not the issue. The results of the poll show 63% of respondents were in favor of that. However, 70% of them thought it “should have been handled better.” Only 5% believed the withdrawal had gone “very well.”

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