Joe Biden NAILED on “Hot Mic” – He’s Eating His Words

Joe Biden Says

Joe Biden Says “No One F***s With a Biden,” Russia and Saudi Arabia Then Proceed To Do So

( – During his recent trip to Florida to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Ian, President Joe Biden told Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy that “no one f***s with a Biden” in a snippet of conversation picked up by a hot mic. Despite the president’s bravado, however, it appears foreign leaders have no problem doing exactly that.

In a move the New York Times described as a “rebuke to the West,” Russia and OPEC have just agreed to cut their oil production despite major energy affordability issues across the globe. The agreed-upon decrease of two million barrels per day will see overall output drop by 2%, which is certain to drive consumer energy costs skyward once again.

Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan released a critical statement in the wake of this announcement. They said the president was unhappy with the move given the international struggles with oil supplies since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Senior administration officials have been engaged in recent weeks in a concerted effort to persuade Middle-Eastern nations to up their oil output.

Do you think this move by Russia and OPEC should be perceived as a slight on the Biden Administration?

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